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A founding member of the EU and the most populous in it, Germany is the third-largest exporter in the world, with an economy worth over EUR3.32 trillion as of 2020. The economy is characterised by an extremely skilled workforce and high levels of innovation, ranking fourth in the world for R&D. It is expected to continue growing to EUR5.29 trillion by 2035 (+59%), and thus will remain the largest economy in Europe by a margin of over EUR1 trillion.

The capital city of Europe's largest economy, Berlin is an international hub for business, innovation and politics. The city operates as Germany's center for government, technology, education and culture. Over the last decade, employment growth in knowledge-based and future-orientated sectors has provided the city a solid platform for continued sustainable economic growth.

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CapEx Properties is an independently owned property search/buying agency, assisting international clients with the acquisition of UK and select EU property.

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