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CapEx Properties is a leading UK based search and buyer agency that focuses on sourcing UK property investment opportunities for foreign buyers of UK property.

The UK real estate market can be
daunting for foreign investors. CapEx Properties has the knowledge to make any property search and acquisition an easy experience for a
foreigner buying property in the UK.

Capex Properties

A positive uk property investment experience

With extensive international experience, we partner with you to find the right property at the right price. Whether you are looking for an investment property, or your next home, our brokerage service specialises in facilitating your entry into the UK property market.

Why you have come to the right place

You may be wondering; can a foreigner invest in UK property? The short answer is yes. The more important question is, who should you trust to assist you in finding the ideal UK property investment?  

Whatever your property acquisition objectives, the key to success is an understanding of the market as a whole and more importantly, what constitutes reasonable value for any particular property. You need a partner who knows the neighborhoods, the market, and the processes, and who can advise you when to think on it, sleep on it or go all-in on it.

With over 20 years of experience in real estate, we have knowledge of the best places to invest in property in the UK. We support you throughout the process, helping to ensure that you have all the available information to make a sound, informed decision and enjoy a positive property experience.

CapEx Properties is amongst the very best property investment companies in the Uk. We specialize in helping foreign buyers of UK property navigate the market to identify the best opportunities. We recognise what makes a property a worth-while investment, taking into consideration what the buyer needs and wants. The best way to invest in property in the UK is to first invest time in speaking to an experienced property buying agent to help guide you in the process. This will allow you to not only have knowledge of the best cities to invest in property in the UK, but you will also have an array of the best UK property investment to choose from. 

Secure International Property Investment across the UK


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We Go Above & Beyond for your Abode

Count on CapEx Properties for helping you get the best price on an investment property for sale across the UK. Whether you are relocating to London or planning to invest in a buy to let property in the likes of Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Sheffield, we are here to protect your interests.


We take the guesswork out of offshore property investing

We find & facilitate UK investment properties

We help you make informed decisions

We assist you in achieving strong returns on property investments

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How to invest in property in the UK

So, is the UK good for property investment? Yes, resoundingly so. Investing in UK property can be extremely attractive to foreign investors. Rental demand in the UK is inordinately high and outstrips supply year on year, as the country cannot build the required number of new homes that it needs, to service the population. As a result, historical capital appreciation has been as much as double digits, year after year, so the right investment in the right area, certainly can produce a healthy, long term capital gain.

A market as fast and competitive as this one can be difficult to navigate
especially as a foreigner buying property in the UK. So, whether you are relocating to London or planning to invest in a buy to let property, CapEx Properties is top of its class when it comes to assisting you in making a sound investment with good solid returns.

If you are interested in procuring a
property investment in the UK, you can contact us by completing our contact form. An expert broker will get back to you within 24 hours to talk about your needs and specifications. CapEx Properties offers a tailor-made experience to avoid the worry and stress of navigating the UK property market and endeavours to find you the best property investment in the UK. CapEx Properties has helped countless foreign clients find their ideal property and we pledge to do the same for you. 

What our clients have to say

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Property Investment

A Property Investment Experience that’s Second to None

Our team’s dedication and industry exposure and experience allow us to make the buying process as seamless as possible for you. We cut no corners in making sure all your property needs are completely taken care of.

Our unique selling propositions:

  • Simplified process
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Customized solutions

Our Services

Doing everything possible to de-risk the process for you.

Property Buying

We can help you source the right property for the right price from a detailed description of what you’re looking for. Rely on us to help you secure the right deal. Read more!

Rental Search
We ensure that all your requirements and amenities are accounted for while we help you source the rental property to suit your requirements. Read more!

Support Services
We ensure that your property transaction is smooth every step of the way by partnering with a spectrum of dependable supporting service providers. Read more!


Our Locations/Areas of Investment Properties include

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Buying Agent

Before you delve into international property investment, you must know how to choose a real estate agent who can do the job properly. The one you choose must:

Understand the Current Market

Find an agent who understands the current trends in the real estate market. This helps you make a more positive investment

Have Ample Experience

Hire an agent who has invested years getting to know every aspect of the real estate market and industry. Experience matters a great deal.

Have your interests at heart

A real estate agent who represents you and your interests, rather than the seller and their’s, will guide you and ensure that you’re properly informed, has their own website, is someone you will find convenient. It allows better access and availability.

Be Available to Fit your Schedule

Look for flexibility with their meeting times. They must be willing to meet you at a time that works  for you, even if it’s  a weekend.

Why Choose CapEx Properties?

We Are Authentic

We strive to do things the right way—with the utmost integrity and transparency

We Are Constantly Evolving

We, at CapEx, are always on the cutting edge of real estate industry trends & best practices

We Are Driven

We adapt quickly to an ever-changing market to bring you the best results.

We Are Informed

We have an understanding of the market as a whole. We don’t depend on guess work.

We Are Experienced

With around 20 years’ experience in real estate, we know what’s best for you and what works

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What our clients have to say

 Read through some of the reviews our clients have left us.

About Us

CapEx Properties is an independently owned property search/buying agency, assisting international clients with the search & acquisition of UK properties.

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CapEx Investment Properties Limited trading as Capex Properties is a company registered in England and Wales. Registration number 13324508.
Registered address: 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK.