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How to buy an investment property in the UK

Investment Property buying

The process of buying an investment property in the UK should start with establishing a budget, including confirming mortgage level availability, if finance is required. The next step is establishing what to buy and where. When buying a buy-to-let investment property it’s important to know the best places in the UK to buy property for the best rental yields and capital appreciation prospects. 

No matter the objective, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with pricing and value, a complex task that takes time and effort. You’ll also need to include the services of a good solicitor, capacity to deal with the skilled selling agents’ tactics, a surveyor to inspect any property you buy, lots of patience and more. If you’re not familiar with buying an investment property in the UK as a foreigner, you’d be well-advised to engage the services of a professional to help guide you in the process. We at CapEx Properties are experts in the field. We understand the procedures involved and can assist you every step of the way.

We specialise in the ability to
find you a property in the UK to suit your needs, and we change a would-be stressful process into an easy and convenient one. Furthermore, with our network, expertise and knowledge, we will help you to make the best possible investment property acquisition decisions.


What Can Delay Completion On My UK Investment Property Purchase?

The Process of Buying Investment Property in the UK

As a specialist property buying agent, CapEx Properties is equipped to assist you in buying an investment property in the UK as a foreigner. 

We develop a search strategy and begin scouring the property portals, searching for properties that match your criteria, both on market and off. Once we’ve identified a shortlist of properties that closely match your requirements, we’ll engage the agents and set up viewings. You have the option to attend the viewing yourself or we can inspect the property on your behalf, if you’re not able to attend the viewing in person. Once you’ve decided on the best investment property for you, we’ll start negotiations and help you make an offer. Once terms are agreed upon, solicitors get involved and you begin working toward an exchange of contracts.

When investing in UK property it’s important to know that in England a property sale is not binding until contracts have been exchanged. You always run the risk of losing a property if another buyer puts forward a more favourable offer to the vendor, before contracts are exchanged. As a buying agent we would help you manage the possible risks involved in procuring the most suitable properties for your investment. We can also recommend reliable, local property solicitors, mortgage consultants, surveyors, accountants and more, so that you have the best possible advantage. 

Here is a list of how we go about assisting our investors in procuring their ideal investment property:

  • Take a detailed brief of your requirements 
  • Assist you in identifying the best location for your needs 
  • Search through the properties available in the target location(s), both on and off market 
  • Work with you to create a short list 
  • Conduct due diligence on the selected properties and provide feedback 
  • Attend property viewings with you, or on your behalf if you’re not in the UK 
  • Advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the selected properties 
  • Assist with the negotiations with the vendor (seller), or their agent (whichever applies), to achieve the best possible purchase price, for you as the buyer. 
  • Refer you to support services, such as mortgage advisor, solicitor, surveyor, etc.  
  • Support you throughout the process, to completion 

Buy Investment Property in the UK

It is crucial to choose a buying agent you can trust, to help guide you in understanding how to buy property in the UK. In our experience the market can be an unforgiving place. An extremely fast-paced, complex and competitive market can easily leave you vulnerable to costly mistakes in your investment property acquisition. A trusted search and buyer agent will safeguard your journey into one of the most sophisticated property markets in the world. The best time to be investing in UK property is now.

 So, for the best advice, contact CapEx Properties and our expert broker will get back to you within 24 hours to assist with your specific needs. 

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